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Escalada En Grupo

Climbing activities for groups

Learn and have fun climbing in a group
is an unforgettable experience

We organize, to measure, activities that adapt to all levels and objectives.

The values that climbing brings us form an important network of social benefits.

Book your group’s activity and become part of the large Community Indoorwall. From 6 people and without age limit.



Know in a group the benefits of climbing.

Improve communication between people.

Overcoming our difficulties or fears.


Adaptation to the group and its needs at all times.


Practicing group climbing enhances its benefits!

Grow as a team!

The facilities of our centers and the constantly updated technical staff guarantee the possibility of organizing personalized group activities.

The proposed activities will allow you to live a complete, fun and stimulating climbing experience, fully adapted to the level and requirements of the participants.

Do you have doubts?


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