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Actividades Escolares

School activities

Enjoy a very special school activity

We put at your disposal our facilities and monitors to carry out school activities and learn the basics of climbing and its most important values.

Sport climbing is an attractive and entertaining sport, with strong educational values for children and teenagers of all ages from the age of 4.



Activities designed for children’s groups that come from schools, entities, camps, etc.


Know the basis of climbing by working as a team the most important values of this sport, through games and dynamic activities.


With the reservation we include all the necessary material to carry out the activity.

Our goal is to bring this exciting and beneficial sport to everyone, offering great experiences and learning.
This course is adapted to all levels and people,the limit is set by you.

Why choose climbing?


Physical preparation related to climbing are motor skills that will be developed in other sports and are fundamental for the correct development of the body: we talk about balance, posture, distance evaluation, strength, resistance, etc.


Parallel to the development of motor skills, climbing contributes to the growth and improvement of the individual through the management of emotions and overcoming one’s own fears: fear of emptiness, fear of heights, fear of not succeeding, fear of competition.


Climbing allows us to address problems individually and at the same time, obtain positive reinforcement with each small success. This reinforcement provides the self-esteem and encouragement needed to face the next step, all the way to the top.

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